Friday, September 19, 2008

QLD Blogs

Deborah's Blogs:
A Cup of Joy
Comfort Joy Designs
The Chocolistas

Swift Jan 1,2,3,4 Kicked my toe on the door

Dee My Aussie Antics

Kerrie Life at Number

Le Third on the Right

Katy, What Katy Did

Hippomanic Jen Approximately None

Kate, Killing a Fly with a Ukulele is probably the wrong thing to do

Megan's Blogs
Imaginif is a service blog that raises consciousness about community focused child protection.

The Teddy Tour is also a service blog; a global collection of voices of survivors of sexual assault.


BrineS said...

Hooray for Queensland blogs!

Swift Jan said...

Yes!! QLD blogs rock!! :D

Le @ Third on the Right said...

well hello girls ... I have 'met Dee thru SITS - now off to say gday to you all !! Le

What Katy Did said...

Go Queenslanders!

Louisa said...

I love that all you QLD gals are connecting like this! Totally awesome!! You're good inspiration for the rest of us!