Thursday, November 20, 2008

A new day...

Hi everyone,

If you've been checking in regularly you'll have noticed that there have been fewer and fewer of us stopping by of late. You may or may not be surprised to know that in light of that, and of some of my own recent Soul Searching, Where the blog are you? is going to go on hiatus for an indefinite period of time in the next week or so. There are still a few lovely blogs yet to be featured so stay tuned for the next week or so as I bring them to you.

If you would like to make any suggestions about the future direction of Where the blog are you? I am very happy to hear them. You can send suggestions along with any other feedback to thebloggingaussie{at}gmail{dot}com. If you would like to be involved in breathing life back into the blog then you can also let me know at the aforementioned email address or in the comments below.

There's no featured blog today but I recommend you visit the featured blogs from this week, Psych Babbler and Tash

Thanks all for your support. I wish you all the very best for your blog & blogging and look
forward to seeing you in blogland!


Leslie said...

G'day. :) I'll keep checking in - I come in every time I see an update appear on my blog. :)

Swift Jan said...

hi.. sorry about the not coming back very often thing.. i must admit it was the pop ups that stopped me. i got a virus on my pc and i was wondering if those pop ups had something to do with it. They seem to have stopped though?

Bettina said...

oh that's a pity. I'l second the pop ups being offputting. But I was reading all the posts on my feed reader instead.

I think you might find too that it's just this time of year - people don't have quite as much time on their hands to be reading new blogs when they are busy leading up to the silly season. :)

Hippomanic Jen said...

Yeah, I was away, then I was sick and couldn't be bothered. I'm don't have any suggestions, but I've met some lovely people!

Femina said...

I think it's probably just the season. It would be really good (if you can be bothered) to keep Round Up Friday even if you don't update anything else. If you're able to get going full speed again next year it will help keep WTBAY on our radar in the meantime, instead of needing to start "from scratch" in a few months.

It's been great, I just think it's the kind of thing that takes time to get going properly. I agree with H-Jen; I've met lovely people too and I would never have stumbled across their blogs without this site.

Dee from Downunder said...

Hi Louisa, I have had a bad week so not been blogging much. My suggestions is keep it going with the roundups and interesting feature blogs, let people still be a part and have their blogs listed, so that when we get time, we can go check them out. I admit my blgging time is getting shorter, or maybe its just all the great blogs I try to get to read!

Thanks for everything you have done too, it is really appreciated.

Braja said...

Well I'm sorry to hear that; I'm hopeless at follow up but I do check in a few times a week and always go to the sites and comment...I've loved the connections I've made because of you, and I love BOTW...don't go!!

Frankie and Bella said...

I definately do think it's just that time of year. Frankie and I need a better system to manage all the blogs we follow :) It's a job in itself keeping on top of it...hehe. I hope it all starts picking up again in the new year..

Long dark hair, blue eyes said...

Don't give up!

This site is a worthwhile endeavor Louisa.

Perhaps more of us need to be involved. It is a lot for you to do by yourself.

Let me know if I can help

Linda said...

hi Louise, sorry you going on a break for an indefinate period. I have been very slack with blogs up until the last week or so. I have been quite ill and in a dark place. I was stopping by to get your button for my blog. I will add you to my list of blogs then I will know when and if you come back, hope you do, I agree with a few of the ladies above, blog time seems to get less this time of year and then, it definately does during the school holidays. I have less time on the computer altogether. Hope you come back xxxx ps I saw you won something!! Did you know that yet??

Le @ third on the right and cold peas said...

hello lou dear girl ....this is a shame - but having just run the wee giveaway on the THIRD I know it takes time and energy ... and you may well be better placed to take some time out.

I do find the new blog every day a challenge .... I am following another group - Chuck - I think you are too - that does one blog a fortnight ...

I like this set up as if you miss a day or two you don'r feel so bad as you have not missed the whole persons 'day in the sun'.

Also I agree with the girls - it is the time of year .... everyone is stretched ....

I have been catching you in your own space - which I have been enjoying.

You have our support which ever way you jump - hugs le

Braja said...

Hey Louisa...just sayin' G'day from India :))

BGSydneyside said...

Hi Lou,
I have really enjoyed this site. The last month has been crazy busy and it's been hard to keep up. I have enjoyed looking at the many blogs you've suggested, and I agree with some other of the above posts that maybe 1 a day is a bit too much to keep regularly commenting.
But it has been really good and I would be sad if it went for good.
love Belinda

Louisa said...

Hey friends,
It's been almost a year since I wrote this post and I think I'm almost in a place to resume some wonderful blogging in some form or another. Just what that might look like I don't know and could really do with some help determinig!

I've got a questionnaire on the site and would really appreciate you taking a minute or two to visit the site and answer a couple of questions for me.

You can also email me or leave a comment on the site about whether you think WTBAY has a place for you in your blogging world and networking and if so, what you'd value the most. I can then take it from there and determine if I can make it happen for you!

Thanks (& sorry if you've already got this message a couple of times today).