Monday, December 15, 2008

The WTBAY Give

If this is your first visit to Where the Blog are you go here to find out more. Don't forget the key is in the comments so go to town, both on this site and the featured bloggers!

As you know, this blog is a meeting place for Australian bloggers. It's a place for us to gather, support and encourage one another through our blogs. I know that some of you have even created off-shoot blogs as a result of meeting here. Fantastic!

We share a spirit of care, community and a little bit of narcissism (hey, we all love the comments!) As I have been reflecting on the future of this blog, and of my own, I have become convicted* that the blogs I run should offer something to those beyond our own blogging community and I feel confident that many of you would share my desire (if not be acting out of even greater desire yourselves) to care for and contribute to the communities we are part of.

As we together reignite this blog and look to 2009 I have introduced a couple of ad platforms (and will continue to experiment with this) and I would like us to donate a portion of the revenue to a charity of our choosing. The remainder of the revenue will be put back into the blog, either by enabling me to run it or through prizes and giveaways.

I hope you will agree that this is a great thing to do!

This is not my blog alone, but it is our space. Together we shall choose the charity of choice! Please leave a comment below with your suggested charity. Personally I think it should be an Australian organisation (though not necessarily doing work exclusively in Australia...though it could) but that's just my suggestion. Leave your suggestions, preferably of a specific charity anytime until January 9 then I will put up a poll with all the suggestions and we will vote. Voting will close on January 18 and a winner announced in time for the first Featured Blogger of 2009 to be revealed on January 19.

I hope that as the blog grows we will be able to add to list of charities we support.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this and together, making a positive difference in our community.

* You can read more about this and my thoughts about giving here

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Suzer said...

Australians are big on charity. As an expat Aussie (will be another 4 years before I officially become an Aussie) what about a charity that does something to benefit immigrants?