Wednesday, February 11, 2009

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We're all fixated on these awful fires that have devastated so many people and communities. Many of us, heck, pretty much all of us, are blogging about it, unable to think and write about other matters which can seem so trivial in times like these. In case you have missed these posts, I have linked up some reflections Every. One., So many people, Can you imagine losing everything?, Now is not the time, Bushfires, Another who has lost their home, Holy Crap, Devastation utter devastation, Australian bushfire tragedy, Dig deep for the bush fire victims, Bushfires and community, Fire storms in Victoria, Devastating, Today

Some thoughts about talking to your kids about tragedy and taking to kids about disaster and how to respond.

How we interpret the fires, reflecting on them in our own lives, such as Two Kids, The Legacy of Bushfire, I still love a sunburnt country

Ways we can, and other are, helping On ya Coles Supermarkets, how very Aussie of you and Handmade help for Victorian fire victims

Love it up people. It's the least we can do...


Hippomanic Jen said...

You're right. It's hard to think of anything else to blog about at the moment.

Linda said...

hi Louisa hope you are ok???

Louisa said...

Hi Linda, thanks. We are OK just on a break from blogland! Happy Easter!

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prashant said...

its tough

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teenbata20 said...

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Servant of the Most High said...
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Louisa said...

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