Thursday, September 23, 2010


It's been almost 10 months since I last posted here but I'm back and SO EXCITED to tell you that so is WTBAY.


We're moving - to a new community page that will enable us to be far more interactive than has been possible on this blog.

Bookmark it now and head on over -

Then make sure you grab the button and write about it on your blog so we can spread the word!

If you've emailed me in the past 10 months wanting to join, I apologise that you have not had a reply. Now is the time to let me know again that you'd like your blog added to the directory - you can do this by emailing me at or better yet but heading over to the new site:

joining up and leaving me a message.

I'm excited! I hope you are too... :)

Note: This new community is not free, I have to pay a small fee each month so the viability of it will depend on community participation...just sayin'

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Future. Part 2

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Hi again,

If you haven't yet taken the poll about the future of WTBAY, I'd really appreciate you visiting this site and doing so. The poll can be found on the left hand side bar and any additional comments you have about the future direction can be made in the comments or emailed to me at

From looking at the results of the poll thus far (and I will reveal them once there's a stronger pool to draw from) I have two follow up questions:

1. A bit over 50% of people have said that they think that comments should be part of membership. I'd like to unpack this a bit - can you tell me what you think this should like and mean for the blog?

2. Are you interested in collaborating with me on the future of this blog? If yes, please email me your interest and thoughts

That's aaaalllll folks. For now.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

If this is your first visit to Where the Blog are you go here to find out more. Don't forget the key is in the comments so go to town, both on this site and the featured bloggers!

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Hi there, whoever is still out there.

Thanks to those who have contacted me over the past few months to register there interest in being listed on this blog. I've been in a bit of a hiatus for a while, but I'm back now...I think!

You can read more here (apologies in advance for the strong tone of that post).

So, where to from here for WTBAY? I've been travelling around the blogosphere the last couple of days and see more than one blog such as this one, that has also fallen over this year.

Is there a place for this blog? Is it valuable to you and to a community of Aussie bloggers? If yes, what should it look like and do I have the time to maintain it?? These are the questions going through my mind, and the questions I intend to consider over the Summer.

To this end, it would be of great help to me if you could take the poll I have set up on this blog which is on the left sidebar. The poll asks you to tell me which features you would like to see on WTBAY. The first answer is Blog Directory ONLY - ie you are only interested in this a blog directory, nothing else. The remainder of the questions refer to other options you might value in this blog. (you will have to actually visit the blog, not just read this in your reader/email to take the poll and I would REALLY appreciate you doing this, thanks!)

Any other thoughts you have can be made either in the comments on this post or by emailing me

For now I continue to write on my personal blog: Life as we know it