Friday, October 31, 2008

Fickle Friday Round-up

I apologise for my absence yesterday. I was very embarrassed when Femina told me there was no post for the day. I made a last minute trip to see family this week and thought I had all the posts ready to go. Seems I was mistaken. Thanks for being patient with me! It was a great chance to check out Operation Skinny Cow though & now that Femina's an author I think we an expect to hear more from her in future!

The response for a round-up Friday was overwhelming so here we go.

Le's rules for workplace engagement are thought-provoking while

Trish's garden is just gorgeous!

Some of the WTBAY girls have been talking about a new way to get readers which might interest you.

Kathryn's keeping me inspired with her creations, and Jean's got me thinking about the economy

Long Dark Hair, Blue Eyes wrote a great post about expectations, being self aware and the things we don't know about ourselves

Go with Swift Jan to revist your childhood memories while others might like to check out some seasonal decorating

An on a funny note, Givinya had me in near hysterics reminding me why I too, am no fan of camping I also saw how true friendship can be forged! Before you leave her blog you might also like to know that her new kitchen is finished!

Enjoy the 'round-up'! It's good to be back,


Lilly's Life said...

Thanks for the roundup Louisa - some great posts to go check up on. Have a great Friday everyone!

femina said...

Good morning everyone! So much to read... absolutely no time today...

Dee from Downunder said...

Afternoon everyone!

Leslie said...

Thank God it's Friday. :)

BGSydneyside said...

loooove the round-up
so glad its going to be regular
love B

Le @ third on the right and cold peas said...

Thanks Louisa - I loooovethis feature - cheers le

Braja said...

My mind is spinning with all these ways to attract visitors; do I have to make them scones and jam and cream? What to do...loved the Swift Jan blog. Thanks Louisa...happy weekend!