Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday's Silly Something

This is a new fact for us (all?). I did not know this before I wrote this post...did you?

Which television channel was the first to start in Australia?
a) ABC
b) Ten
c) Seven/Prime
d) Nine/WIN
e) SMS
f) Channel 31 (does this exist in states other than VIC)

And in what year?

a) 1950
b) 1956
c) 1970
d) 1947

Hope you're enjoying yourselves this weekend!!


Lilly's Life said...

Morning all - you are always up so early Louisa or well organised. All I know is television came to Australia in time for the 1956 Olympics and Bruce Gyngell was the first man to introduce it - as for a Channel? Not sure at all - maybe nine? Gosh TV is not that old.

femina said...

Morning all!

I think it's 1956 - I know it was quite a bit later than in America. And maybe channel 9.

Dee said...

Pretty sure its 1956 and channel 9

Happy sunday

Joce said...

It was definately 1956 in time for the Olympics with Bruce Gyngell introducing. I had to cheat to get the channel, 'cause its not the same as out modern ones... It was TCN-9 in Sydney and GSV-9 in Melbourne. And you wrote SBS wrong!! :P

Le @ Third on the Right said...

1956 and nine - seems to be the feel ... enjoy Sunday girls - cheers le

Louisa said...

What a clever bunch you lot are! Yes, 1956 and Ch9. Who would have thought?? Good spot on the SMS/SBS thing Joce, I'd like to say I was doing it deliberately to see who was on the ball or that it was because I was writing this at an internet cafe while LP played on the floor so was a bit distracted but alas, it's not the case - I'm just a big vague like that sometimes!

tiff said...

I think 1956 and it was the ABC. Auntie Jack was one of the first home grown programs to hit the airwaves.

tiff said...

Whoops! I'm late to the party AND wrong. LOL

June Saville said...

I'm late too and I would have been right!
I actually remember it well because I was working in media at the time and took a job at Channel 7 (there was no Prime then) only a few months later. Talk about basic! The offices were still in a farmhouse on land at Epping in Sydney and it was in such bad condition the window hinges were broken! At the time there was only one studio and there were hardly any ads. Things did get better quickly though.
My job was to produce little film and voice over promos to fill in the time in between programmes - it was part of what was called 'continuity'. My boss was Ken Hannam who later directed one of the films that was ground breaker for the Australian industry - 'Sunday Too Far Away'. He left to do directing and I got his job. I was then put into a course to follow him but met my husband and began to have kids instead. That's what you did in those days.
June in Oz

Leslie said...

Crikey - I don't know. :)

Hope your weekend went well. :)