Monday, January 26, 2009

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I thought I'd link up all the Australia Days posts I could find by WTBAY bloggers just in case you missed them.

Have you been reading Trish's blog? She's got some very Aussie photos up there!

Givinya revisits some classic Australia Day ads while Dee, Lilly and June have been doing a series of posts on Australia that are well worth checking out!

Dina is the girl who wishes she was Australian and she and Tina and swift Jan wish us all a Happy Australia Day! Our Great Southern Land brings us some Australia Day history and lest not forget Le who is getting into the spirit of things!

Nicole has some Australia Day poetry for us and then there is my post (Louisa) on Australia Day. Jen has a Variation of Australian Classic for us and Linda has something to say too!

On a sober note, Carly and Sarah have launched a new website to support bereaved parents. They are launching today and on the second anniversary of the loss of Carly's son Christian. It'd be lovely if you headed over and gave them some support today.

Have I forgotten you? Let us know about your Australia Day post by leaving your link in the comments and I'll update this post later so you can have some linky-love.


Hippomanic Jen said...

I've done a twisted Australia Day post. Well, okay it's not really about Australia Day, but it does MENTION Australia Day.

Givinya De Elba said...

I loved it Jen! Kept me laughing. And it mentioned Budgie Smugglers.

Thanks for this roundup Louisa.

Linda said...

Thanks Louisa.

Here is my post.