Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Daily Featured Blogger...Cassa Verba.

Welcome to another day at Where the Blog are you? or WTBAY as some of you have started to call it. Love it ;) It's so great to be meeting you and your great blogs! Are you having fun? Making some new friends already?

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Today's featured blog is Femina's blog Cassa Verba which is Latin for 'empty words' but as she writes at the top of her blog, "don't let that put you off" Indeed we shouldn't be put off but should read this blog and appreciate the humour, dry wit, insight and talent of this blogger!

In her post Star Trek and Religion Femina gets us thinking about the way Christians are perceived and whether it really does matter what we believe.

This next post is a really challenging one, she really had me thinking, giving me a insight into the church experience of others...walking in someone else's shoes sure is challenging!Read Walking out of church and other dramas and really take the time to think about life from this perspective. As Femina says, "this post is about being a single woman in a married world, and how the church handles us (or more, the fact that often the church doesn’t know what to do with us)."

Finally a post with no text. Rather it's a painting by Femina when she was in the midst of a bout of depression. She didn't have the words to express how she was feeling but was able to express it through painting. She is very talented!

In case you were wondering our blogger today is anonymous for the sake of privacy which is why I haven't given you her real name.

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Tina (mummifiedx5) said...

Heading over there :)

femina said...

I'm here early... does this mean I'm self-centred?? :) Heh - it's all about ME today!

Le @ Third on the Right said...

I really enjoyed Tina's blog so off to visit today's today - cheers le

Hippomanic Jen said...

OK, so I was here, and now I'm going to check out today's offering.

Dee said...

Having fund reading the aussie stuff!

Swift Jan said...

HEYA! This is great! Cheers

Lilly's Life said...

Finding other Aussie blogs is fantastic, great idea!

BGSydneyside said...

Great stuff the last two days. Its great to see such different styles of blogs!